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SA-3 automatic coupling
  • SA-3 automatic coupling

SA-3 automatic coupling

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35000 RUB
Country of manufacture:Russia
Cart 3-axis 18-522 522.00.000-6sb
Cart 3-axis 18-522A 522.00.000-7sb
The device absorbing RT-120
The device the absorbing Sh2V-90 106.02.000-2sb
The device absorbing APE-95
Lateral frame 100.00.020-4sb
Nadressorny beam 100.00.010-4sb
Wedge 100.30.001-1
Boot 100.40.016-2
The axle box case with a labyrinth 100.10.020-0
Cap of a skolzun 100.00.003-0
Wheel couple without knot axle boxes. RU-1Sh-957G 100.10.010-11sb
Wheel couple from axle boxes. RU-1Sh-957G 100.10.000-12sb
The axis is fair 100.10.049-0
The axis is draft 100.10.049-0P
Draft assembled 100.40.030-1
Triangel 100.40.010-2sb
SA-3 automatic coupling with two chains 106.01.000-0-05сб
Lever of rastsepny 106.00.010-0
The collar is traction 106.00.001-2
Wedge of a traction collar 106.00.002-2
Cone 106.02.002-2
The plate is persistent 106.00.003-0
Pendulum 106.00.012-0
Arm 106.01.008-0
Arm (Derzhavk) 106.00.009-0
Balochka aligning 106.00.011-3
Balochka aligning 106.00.011-4
Automatic coupling lock 106.01.002-1
Zamkoderzhatel 106.01.003-0
Lock elevator 106.01.004-0
Elevator roller 106.01.005-0
Lock safety lock 106.01.006-3
The wedge is frictional 106.02.003-2
Emphasis forward UP-1
Emphasis back BONDS-1
Laying 100.00.027-0
The suspension bracket is pendular 106.00.012-0
Pyatnik forging 46934N-01
Zakidka of the hatch 532.45.025
Lock sector left
Lock sector right
The arm is left (molding)
The arm is right (molding)
Hatch loop 119.45.001 (forging)
Hatch sector right/left (forging)
Axle box case 100.10.014-0 (molding)
The ring is labyrinth 100.10.007-0 (forging)
The cover is astringent 100.10.002-4 (forging)
Suspension bracket triangelya 100.40.051 (forging)
The wedge is frictional 578.30.002-0
The bowl is wearproof 578.00.012-1
Brake shoe 100.40.015-0
The cover is viewing 100.10.003
The cover is astringent 100.10.002-4
Hatch cover
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 04.10.2021

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